The Four Seasons project

Over the past ten+ years, during visits to the home of Ann and Tim Schenck, Wilmington DE, the scenes in the woods behind their house have been a constant source of interest.  At some point, we embarked upon what became a two-year project to create a systematic series of images of a specific scene in the woods. The plan then evolved into four large prints (~2’ x 7’) to hang in the entrance hall of the Schenck home.   The entire enterprise involved frequent visits to view and photograph under different lighting and weather conditions, then to choose the specific sequence of seasonal images.  The large-format printing was accomplished with the wonderful help of Les Picker (, and the four final images are shown below.  The actual setting in the Schenck home is also shown: upon entering the house one sees the prints on the right wall of the entrance area, and on the wall beyond are large windows opening out to the woods, thereby surrounding the viewer both inside and outside.