Fred Wehmiller photographs

Florence Italy – WWII damage

In the spirit of honoring the roots of my photography, I include here the beginnings of a library of photographs taken by my father in the 1940’s and 1950’s.  This is part of an on-going project to digitize and preserve hundreds of family photographs.  Below is a very small sample.

The lower left image is of me and my sister Ellie, tumbling in a field during our 1953 visit to family roots in SW Germany.  It is remarkable to me not only for the momentary scene that it captured, but also because of the composition – this is the full frame of a 35mm Kodachrome slide, with no cropping.  Wonderful placement of the subject in the lower corner!


Belgium 1951 or 1953

Belgium (Brugge) 1951 or 1953

Germany 1953