Spring 2023: Featured photo, Grand Canyon Flight

So often the creation of a good image is about being in the right place at the right time.  This one is a classic example: on a cross-country flight from Philly to LA in February of 2010, clouds obstructed the view for the first four hours.  As we approached central Arizona, the clouds parted for about ten minutes to reveal the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon, with snow on the east and north rims.  As the Canyon has a special meaning for our family, the opening of the clouds was a moment to be celebrated.   By the time we got to the western portion of the Canyon, the clouds were with us the rest of the way to LA.

It is usually quite challenging to get sharp photos through an airplane window because of sun glare or foggy windows, but sometimes one gets lucky.  It pays to have a good flight path too!



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Grand Canyon April 1970