“Winter Tide”   Edward Carter Gallery, Lewes DE Nov. 2001

Sightings”, an exhibit including photographs from three generations of Wehmiller family photographers: List Gallery, Swarthmore College
Swarthmore PA, June 2006

Lewes Historical Society Fine Arts Show
Lewes DE, 2004, 2005, 2006

Children’s Beach House
Lewes DE, November 2007

West End Gallery
Media PA, April 2007

Packard-Reath Gallery, Lewes DE, September 2009

Rodel Charitable Foundation of Delaware
Wilmington DE , Permanent Collection

The “Four Seasons”  project, permanent collection, Ann and Tim Schenck, Wilmington Delaware (for more information, see BLOG post “Four Seasons”)

The Inn at Swarthmore, permanent collection: Golden Oak in Spring; Golden Oak in Winter

Below are links to successful entries in the International Photo Review competition.  After a major restructuring of the Photo Review Website, links to these photos were removed.  The links here go directly to the photos housed on the Wehmiller website. 

2007: “Southbound” (US 13, Virginia, Oct. 2004).  

2010: “Lost and Found” (near Alamosa, CO, Oct. 2007).

2012: “Golden Oak” (Swarthmore PA April 2012).  

2015 4th prize: “1964 Wyoming Cloud”      (Central Wyoming, August 1964)       

2017 11th prize: “CB Bridge”   (Commodore Barry Bridge, Chester PA 2017)

2018: “Outbound”  (Bern, Switzerland 2011)

2019: “Virginia snow”  (Chatham, VA 2019)

2021:  “June 1968 Poor People’s March”  (Washington DC, June 1968) 

2023:  Crum Creek Valley, Jan. 2011 (in “Trees” Gallery: https://photoreview.org/2023-competition-trees/)


2019: 14th Annual Pollux awards, honorable mention in cityscapes (single image, West 121st Street) and non-professional landscapes series (scroll through all images for a series of four, including “Southbound,”, “Lost and Found,” “Virginia Snow,” and “Route 113.”  Alternatively, go to this link: https://www.thegalaawards.com/ and type in “Wehmiller” in the search box.    Enjoy!